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Product Life Cycle

Research: Palmer Analytical Services can assist you in choosing the right materials to help you meet REACH or TSCA qualifications, avoid sole sources, and select materials which help products meet increasing performance demands.

Development: Palmer Analytical Services can help your company through stage gate testing and analysis to assure product development is meeting the required attributes and your organization is not spending valuable resources on projects that are missing the intended target.

Purchasing: Palmer Analytical Services will act as a Supply Gatekeeper to provide third party verifications that your supplier's materials meet your performance specifications and conduct supplier quality audits to global standards.

Manufacturing: Palmer Analytical Services specializes in testing and analysis to help you optimize your manufacturing process and validate performance. We have the capabilities to perform many types of Chemical Analysis, Physical-Mechanical Testing and specialized OEM Automotive and Aerospace industries requirements.

Distribution: Palmer Analytical Services can assure your product will handle the rigors of air, rail, truck, and other types of transportation. We can provide you with the knowledge that your product will arrive to its destination in one piece, perform to an optimum level and for the suggested life of the product.

Performance Analysis: Performance Analysis and process trouble shooting are a very important part to product development. It can help your company to provide the best product possible and optimize your production. Palmer Analytical Services can provide quality information to your company while performing failure analysis and process trouble shooting; enhancing your product and the overall value you provide.

End-of-life: Palmer Analytical Services cares deeply about the environment and helping to develop products and quality systems which are environmentally friendly. We will help you determine if your products can be recycled, are safe for the environment and pose any risk to your employees and end users.
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